Colombia - Organic (Medium Roast)

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On the cupping table, this coffee blew us away with its notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus, as well as its soft, round body. Equal parts familiar and adventurous, this medium roast performs well in most brewing methods, but shines as a filtered drip coffee. Exceedingly well rounded and consistently delicious, this is our new all day drinking coffee. We stoked to have it on offer.

ORIGIN // Colombia
REGION // Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
GROWER // 60 smallholder coffee farmers organized around Coffee Origen Grupo Orgánico Sur De Huila
TASTE // Chocolate + Caramel + Citrus
PROCESS // Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, then dried under solar protection
ALTITUDE // 1350 - 1900 masl
HARVEST // October - December
VARIETAL // Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Geisha, and Tabi

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